The average American gets close to seven hours of sleep each night, while spending almost eight at the office. With the majority of that office time spent in the workstation, providing an inspired and usable workstation is key to employee productivity and satisfaction.

Workstations from Rieke Office Interiors bear no resemblance to the cubicles of old. We can seamlessly integrate technology while providing enhanced ergonomics, delivering an ideal experience for your employees.

While we have several concepts to start from, each workstation design is done in consultation with our customers. Workstations are manufactured at our facility, built exactly to your needs and specifications. Since we sell direct, we are able to offer custom-made workstations without the traditional custom-made pricing.

Workstation Options:

  • Sit-stand workstations (fixed or adjustable designs)
  • Straight, angled or curved configurations
  • Complete range of finishes
  • Integrated lighting, storage and technology

Manufactured parametrically, giving you complete design freedom.