Technology is changing the way we work, making all kinds of tasks faster and easier for employees. Did you know that workplace technology is also changing the furniture we sit in every day? Furniture companies and office interior designers are working overtime to make sure that our office spaces incorporate the workplace technology that we need.

Office furniture that incorporates technology makes office spaces healthier, more convenient, and more productive than ever before. Here are some popular ways you can integrate technology into your workplace:

Collaboration Areas

One of the biggest trends in the industry right now is making office lounge furniture compatible with technology. This is done by including electrical panels in couches and lounge chairs so that you can charge a cell phone or plug in a laptop while you sit.

Additionally, built in tablets or ancillary laptop surfaces for lounge areas make it easier for employees to work in a collaboration area with full access to the technology they need.


The modern workspace has a lot of technology that accompanies it. With a computer, monitors, phone, tablet, and lamp, there are many cables and cords that power the technology and kill the clean, modern aesthetic that companies want to achieve. Modern office desks are now equipped with integrated cord management, power supply outlets, and USB power ports. Hidden power and cables reduce the clutter in the workplace and increase functionality.

The design and functionality of your office is directly linked to productivity. Employees want to feel valued and incorporating today’s technology will help that cause. Giving your staff adjustable height desks will increase their performance, health, and employee satisfaction.

Conference Rooms

Every office should have a tech-friendly conference room for client presentations and corporate meetings. At a minimum your conference table should offer tabletop plug-in points for power and data. These can even be located under the table to maximize the usable space. A powered conference table will improve meetings and streamline presentations.

A combination projection and writing surface brings a new level of interactive presentation to the boardroom. A whiteboard that doubles as a high definition projection surface integrates technology onto the walls of a conference room, improving meeting efficiency.

With so many office furniture options, keeping your office up to date takes some effort and planning. Starting with these 3 areas of your workplace today will help ensure your office space doesn’t become dated and inefficient.