Sitting at a desk all day can leave you with a stiff neck, back, and shoulders. Stretching improves range of motion, posture, and provides stress relief, helping you feel comfortable at work. We have listed some of the best stretches you can do at your desk, and they only take a few minutes.

Neck Rolls

If your neck is stiff while you are sitting at your desk, a neck roll will relieve some of the stress and pressure. To do this, sit up straight in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Relax and lean your head toward your chest and roll the right ear to the right shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

Shoulder Rolls

Sitting in the same position for hours can cause tension in the upper back and shoulders.  Movement can help relieve this tension, so raise both shoulders up, then slowly roll them backward. Repeat, rolling forward. You should feel tension being released as your shoulders drop down.

Chest Stretch

Looking down at your phone or computer screen can increase rounding through the shoulders and tightness in the middle back. To combat this, sit towards the front of your chair and interlace your fingers behind your lower back. Push your chest outward, relax your shoulders, and raise your chin.

Torso Twist

Twists are the best way to relieve back tightness after sitting for long periods of time. Begin by sitting up straight and placing your feet firmly on floor. Put one hand on the back of your chair. Exhale and turn your upper body towards the arm on the chair back. Use your grip on the chair to pull yourself, and your other hand to gently press against your leg or chair arm for leverage. Repeat on the other side.

Hand & Wrist Stretch

Most office job duties include typing and texting, so it is important to stretch your hands and wrists too. Stand up, place both of your hands on your desk, palms down and fingertips facing your body. Hold the stretch until you feel the tension release.

It is important to stretch throughout the day, but also choosing the right ergonomic chair or Sit/Stand desk can help you avoid the physical issues that come with sitting at a desk all day.