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Before you move or renovate your office, call us first.  We can handle the entire process. We ensure you the very best design while saving you money and TIME!

What we do

Rieke Office Interiors can help you:

Find Real Estate

We partner with local commercial realtors and will space plan to help you determine the perfect size and location for your new office.

Work with an Architect

ROI works with Architects and will create CAD files, permit documents, MEP’s, square footage analysis, and elevations for your project.

Manage Construction

We provide design, installation, and construction management through one single point of contact. We create project schedules and complete walk-throughs.

Interior Design

With our in-house interior design firm, Vertical Interior Design, we offer full-service design development. Our diverse team will make your space look perfect.


At ROI, we have our own flooring department that consists of industry experts that manage and install the entire project in-house.

Furniture & Accessories

We are STILL industry experts in commercial furniture and accessories.  Our custom furniture is manufactured here just for you!
From Our Clients
“I can’t imagine navigating the process of designing a new office without a team like this. They made it really fun and easy, and exceeded our expectations with the final results! ”
Laurie Lee

CEO, Swift Passport Services

“Rieke Office Interiors worked hand in hand with our team to ensure every detail was attended to and no stone was left unturned. They attended to each department’s needs and created a unique space that truly reflects our corporate image and vision. ”
Sean Rathjen

President/CEO, Consumers Credit Union