At Rieke Office Interiors, we are driven by our passion to create quality office furniture. By manufacturing our laminate products ourselves, we have complete control over the design and quality. Since we back our products with a limited Lifetime Warranty, we insist that the materials used to build our products come from suppliers with the same high standards. Arauco is one of our exclusive laminate suppliers for this very reason. Arauco has more than a half-century of manufacturing excellence, and recently built the most modern particleboard plant in North America. We are lucky enough to have been invited to tour their impressive facility, which further solidified our decision to partner with this amazing company.

It’s hard to do the new Arauco Grayling Plant justice in a blog. We are going to highlight our favorite aspects:

Made in the USA:

The Grayling facility is the most modern and productive mill of its kind. Located in northern Michigan, Arauco’s new Particleboard and Lamination plant is a short transit to our facility in Illinois. Rieke Office Interiors takes every measure to ensure we are invested in local suppliers and our office furniture is made in the USA. This objective is not only good for our business but is also good for the environment. Arauco’s plant location streamlines our logistics which translates into shorter lead times for our clients. The Grayling operation is the largest continuous single-line particleboard press in North America, bringing jobs to the Midwest, as well as supporting the local colleges and trade schools.


Office furniture is meant to withstand years of use, which is why we back every piece we manufacture with a limited lifetime warranty. Our materials need to be reliable and perform consistently time and time again. Sourcing from Arauco means unparalleled quality control and processes. The material goes from log to a banded unit of laminate without a single person touching the material. All conveyor belts are 100% enclosed at eye level to maintain full visibility at all times. Their completed boards are crack-resistant, and their strength testing is the most rigorous in the industry.


They are GREEN! Arauco has over 1.8 million acres of proprietary, sustainably managed forests and they plant 3 trees for every 1 log used. They manage their forest resources sustainably, in accordance with the highest global standards. They improve the biodiversity and ecosystems in Michigan. The company’s manufacture of particleboard panels is extremely efficient by utilizing more of each tree, as well as wood by-products, like wood chips, from local manufacturers. It is estimated that the plant will utilize only 30% of the surplus regional forest resources on an annual basis. At the same time, the forest will continue to grow.

We are grateful for this inspirational experience and fantastic look into what it takes to manufacture products of exceptional quality. Any furniture manufacturer can do quantity, but can they do quality?


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