Two ROI Senior Designers get “Prairie” Inspired


2 senior designers at Rieke Office Interiors – Carey Roy and Julie Hartman – have taken the lead on continuing their design education and bringing their inspiration to the next level.  The pair has scheduled regular outings to architectural wonders – some near, while others far – to not only experience what great design has provided for us to live or work in, but educate on where modern design can coexist with ideas of the past.  These trips have given the ladies much to write home about, and enough inspiration to fill their design archives!


April 20, 2017

Hello ROI Friends!


We hope this letter finds you well!  As you know, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of our local design heroes.  And, because we are wild about our career, learning and like to do a “girl’s trip” each year – we decided to cross off one of the ULTIMATE houses on our architectural bucket list… Mr. Wright’s masterpiece, “Falling Water” in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.


Seriously? Can we live here?


The house in truly awe-inspiring to come upon.  Nestled in nature – spilling out from its foundation – extending into the earth.  It’s easy to see how Wright is inspired by the outdoors and how his influence, of blending the exterior surroundings into the inside of a space are still prominent today. 

Frank Lloyd Wright was ahead of the curve when it came to bringing the outside in…


Lately, we find ourselves often chatting around the water cooler about incorporating “living walls” & planters into office spaces…give thanks to Mr. Wright for leading the way on this idea!



Pennsylvania has shown us all the seasons while here; it rained all day the first day, snowed the second & was warm and sunny on the third day!  No matter, because we were inside for much of it…and that was a treat to really feel what Wright created.  We were a bit surprised to find the actual living spaces in the home to be very small.  Most of the space was taken up with hallways, stairs & large terraces.   This is especially interesting because we often refer to FLW’s concept of open and fluid spaces when designing offices and creating floorplans, as part of functional work flows. 


We are headed back to Illinois tomorrow – and, the 9 hour trip will not have been more worth it!  We can’t wait to tell you more and share pictures to inspire you all! 


Carey & Julie

Mother Nature can’t stop us from having fun in PA!


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