The ROI Top 5 Take-Aways from NeoCon 2017

Every June, Commercial Interior Design professionals from around the globe convene on North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors – NeoCon.  Not only is it an opportunity to learn and network with our industry’s top designers, we are delighted to see what new and innovative products or trends are hitting the market in the upcoming year.  We sat down with Colleen Baader, Creative Director for Rieke Office Interiors to discuss her top 5 take-aways from NeoCon 2017.

Q:  What was a primary design theme you picked up on for offices in 2018?

A:  Offices seem to be getting a more residential feel with open shelving and seating.  You can see this trend in boutique hotels and restaurants already – office waiting areas, break rooms and even work spaces feel far less sterile and more like an extension of a home.

Q:  Benching stations are the new black of a collaborative worksetting – are there any new features coming?

A:  Benching stations are even more basic with style & color making the “break out” areas pop with color & patterns.

Q:  The hardware is often more important to a client than the actual furniture piece itself…what is on-trend for hardware in 2018?

A:  Everything in hardware has shifted from to black and bronze.

Q:  What colors are becoming prominent in an office environment? 

A:  We were impressed and inspired by the new colors trending.  All shades of blue and turquoise mixed with a deep forest green are what we saw most often.

Q:  We know adjustable tables, bases and sit-stand desk options remain a huge demand.  Any changes to these products we can expect?

A:  Height adjustable bases are now completely hidden and covered.  This makes sense knowing that clean and crisp are the most popular office design aesthetic today.

Ms. Baader notes that, “ROI stood out among the competition in attendance at NeoCon 2017 for our ability to stay on trend and for specifying to our clients.”

Incorporate one of these trends now and you will be ahead of the curve for 2018.  In addition, mark a visit to ROI in your calendar soon.  In the next few months they will be unveiling a brand new showroom that is able to highlight new manufactured products, fresh takes on finishes & an eclectic use of materials.


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