Stand for Your Right to be Healthy


Has your office conversation lately included the expression, “sitting is the new smoking”?  Although a dramatic statement, the fact of the matter is that sitting for prolonged periods of time is truly unhealthy for everyone.  The Mayo Clinic has determined that a sedentary lifestyle (sitting for prolonged periods of time) is a leading factor to multiple poor health outcomes, such as: excess weight gain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and premature mortality. According to the University of Chester, UK, sitting for prolonged periods of time can also cause joint damage leading to inflammation, stress and chronic pain.

Significant increases in calorie expenditure when standing.
Heart rates increase from sitting to standing.
The concentration of sugar in the blood shows a sizable improvement when standing.

Today, the U.S. office workforce spends up to 75% of the working day sedentary; often in prolonged periods extending beyond 30 minutes.

It is recommended that workers should stand 15 minutes for every hour sitting. By doing so, studies have shown an improved overall sense of well-being, decreased fatigue and surprisingly, a reduced appetite.


Choosing a “Sit-Stand Desk” is a true office solution.

What does this all mean for businesses and your office?

A small investment in providing height adjustable desks can help the company’s morale, reduce the amount of used sick days, and increase productivity.  ROI has taken the lead in this smart and effective office solution.  It’s a win, win for everyone to simply stand.

*Images provided for the Study conducted by Dr. John Buckley at the University of Chester, UK. (2013)


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