Improve employee health, energy, and productivity by providing sit-stand desks. Adjustable height desks allow employees to stand while working. Standing for periods throughout the day can lower your risk of heart disease, reduce back pain, lower blood sugar levels, and burn more calories than sitting (read more here). Additionally, employees that have sit-stand desks have boosted energy and are more productive.

At Rieke Office Interiors, we can build a height adjustable desk to fit almost any dimension or location you choose. If you have an existing desk that you would like to convert to a sit-to-stand desk, we can do that too.

This ergonomic solution to your workspace is a quick and efficient way to give your employees flexibility in their work while maximizing their comfort. We have a very wide selection of design options and can build the perfect sit-stand desk for your office and budget.

We offer adjustable height:

  • Tables
  • Cubicles
  • Corner Surfaces
  • Conference Tables
  • Executive Desks
  • Private Offices