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Covid-19 and the Workplace – Helping Businesses Transition to a SafeSpace

Innovative Sneeze Guard PPE Products for the Workplace

Keeping Everyone Safe at Work—Simply and Affordably

Covid-19 has reshaped the way businesses will operate in this new environment of personal safety. We know it can feel overwhelming. We’re right there with you.

Safety, simplicity, and affordability have been built into our new SafeSpace sneeze guard PPE products, the perfect solution to workplace social distancing. We are passionate about workplace culture and bringing you products that support you and your employees.

Bring your workforce back safely and with confidence using SafeSpace shields and panels.

Explore the different products below and read what others have to say about them.

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SafeShield Rx

SafeShield Rx is sleek, elegant, and unobtrusive. You won’t forget it’s there, but only because it is helping to keep you safe at work, whether meeting with a client or eating lunch and laughing at jokes. Designed for reception, private offices, breakrooms, restaurants, and much more, these panels are easy to clean and can be moved from one location to another.

SafeShield Rx sits on your choice of a laminate or acrylic base.

SIZE: 23”h x 30”w  | COST: $99

SIZE: 30”h x 30”w  | COST: $149

SIZE: 30”h x 36”w  | COST: $169

SafePanel Rx

SafePanel Rx can be up-close and personal, keeping you safe even when collaborating side by side with your coworker on a project or gathering information from a client. While designed for workstations, conference tables, breakrooms, and restaurants, its applications are unlimited. This panel is also easy to clean and move.

SafePanel Rx sits on a laminate base.

SIZE: 25”h x 40”w  | COST: $179

SafeTrans Rx

There are times your employees need to accept items from clients and SafeTrans Rx keeps them safe at the same time. Designed for reception and retail applications, it is easy to clean and move from one location to another.

SafeTrans Rx sits on your choice of a laminate or acrylic base and has a transaction slot at the bottom, measuring 3”h x 14”w

SIZE: 23”h x 30”w  | COST: $129

SIZE: 30”h x 30”w  | COST: $179

SIZE: 30”h x 36”w  | COST: $199

SIZE: 44”h x 30”w  | COST: $249 (acrylic base only)




For all SafeSpace sneeze guard products:

The acrylic panel is 1/4” thick for all three SafeSpace products.

Here’s What Others Have to Say:

“This is an important piece of PPE that no retail establishment should be without to protect their employees and clients.”

-Mike Lee, President/CEO KCT Credit Union

“It is critically important we protect our employees from our public visitors and the SafeSpace product line allows for a safer interaction with our visitors.”

-David Considine, CEO Gail Borden Library

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