ROI Honors ANDY WARHOL: An Artist Ahead of His Time

Starting his career in magazines as a highly successful ad illustrator in the 1950’s, Andy Warhol expanded his craft to become known as the leading artist of the 1960’s. Andy Warhol’s avant-garde art and pop-culture sensibilities have left a lasting impression on American culture and have not ceased to inspire today’s commercial design.


ROI designers Carey Roy, Julie Hartman, and past designer Janet Jarecki took to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in early 2017 to experience and learn more about the legendary artist at The Andy Warhol Museum.  From their lessons learned, we will highlight Warhol’s contributions to art and design, while showcasing some ways you too can incorporate his trademark style into your next commercial interior design project.

Andy Warhol was known for maximizing one or more of these themes within his art or designs.

  • Bold colors and shades
  • Iconic individuals of pop culture
  • Eccentric objects
  • Recurring patterns
  • All things anti-mainstream
  • Cartoon inspired

In addition to some of his themes, a space can be further defined in a signature Warhol style through the incorporation of one of these traits.

  • Individuality
  • Quirkiness
  • Unafraid of color
  • Eclectic items
  • Funky furniture


Julie Hartman believes a Warhol inspired space comes from the notion:

“When designing, think outside the box and try to create something fresh and new. Start NEW trends and don’t be afraid to break away from what others are doing.”


  • Bring in bold colors to compliment your space; pull from your brand’s color map
  • Large visuals and / or graphics make an immediate statement to your audience


  • Blend pop culture with your products inside the retail space
  • Use a Warhol artistic theme or trait to boost your brand image within the marketplace


  • Showcase captivating and relevant art throughout your space to further develop your concept
  • Incorporate quirky furniture or small eclectic items to connect your concept and elevate your atmosphere


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