5 Steps to Safely Celebrate Re-Opening Your Salon


The slinky of time has expanded since mid-March, making 12 weeks seem like a year, and while your clients love you, they’ve never appreciated you as much as they do right now. As you turn your attention from survival to re-opening, you need to show your clients that you’ve missed them, too.


What better way than to plan a fun but safe celebration around the re-opening of your beauty salon? And there is a lot to celebrate—ending the 2020 shag, restocking every hair color available, and never again having to watch videos of a client making headbands from socks.


Here are five steps to take to make sure you have a memorable celebration with safety in mind.


  • Before your first day, send emails and post on social media a friendly update on new policies they might not expect. This might include no walk-ins, face masks, taking temperatures, asking Covid-related questions, etc. Be sure to announce your Grand Re-Opening at the same time!


  • Decide how long your celebration will last. Will it last for a couple of weeks, a month, or until all your clients have been through the first cycle back?


  • Be sure to put all necessary safety measures in place. This might mean a basket with face masks, adding sanitizing stations, and adding dividers between stations so your clients know you are keeping them safely apart. One example of these is SafeDivide by ROI.


  • Make sure to re-train all your employees on new procedures so things go smoothly, and there are no surprises. They will have to get used to the new safety measures, including limiting contact at the front desk. SafeTrans Rx can help with that.


  • Contract a local bakery to provide special cookies, individually packaged for your clients to take home. You might want to have them decorated with “Welcome Back” or “We Missed You” piped onto them. You should ask if they make gluten-free cookies as well because you probably have several clients who would appreciate your thoughtfulness.


After completing all your preparations, throw open the doors, enjoy getting your hands in your clients’ hair again, and stay safe!