Today’s workplaces are built with a productivity-boosting combination of openness and privacy. If that sounds like a pairing you’d like for your office, Rieke Office Interiors offers Turf: unique and award-winning acoustic design. We created all of our Turf options in-house and are ready to install them in yours.

Born from our 52-25 initiative in which we create 25 new products every 52 weeks, these installations are designed and built custom for your space.

Before you explore the photo gallery and let your imagination run wild, here’s a bit more info on each of our acoustic solutions.

  • Brandie: Acoustic Signage: Use a singular color or color combination to display your message. Our clients have used Brandie for corporate branding, wayfinding and motivational phrases, to name a few.
  • Peter Pandelier: Acoustic Ceiling Accents. Filled with whimsy, this unique approach to sound absorption can also be filled with light. A great centerpiece for conference rooms or open offices.
  • Soundtrax: Acoustic Panel Dividers. Several felt panels are suspended on a track system, allowing for varying levels of privacy depending on your needs in that moment.
  • Stratus: Grid-Constructed Acoustical Solution. Controls sound waves in the office while flashing unique style. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Torrent: Award-Winning Acoustic Wall Covering. Got its name because its form conjures images of a powerful rainfall. As you move through the room, the perspective of the wall covering shifts. An innovative and eye-catching add-on to your workplace.

Whether your new Turf covering adorns your wall, your ceiling or both, we are ready to help you give your office that indispensable contrast of openness and privacy. Talk to us today.


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