A private office is a place to focus on some of your most important work, so you need a space that is as productive and creative as you are. At Rieke, we provide everything you need to create an office that improves your workflow and complements your personality.

Our team custom designs and manufacturers desks with a generous amount of workspace, giving you room to meet with fellow employees, spread out your paperwork, or simply display your family pictures. To provide additional storage and keep you organized, we create shelves and cabinetry that match the rest of your office for a seamless, professional look.

If you’re looking to build a private space but don’t want the hassle of construction and loss of open office space, we partner with Nxtwall, a top provider of demountable architectural walls. Nxtwall uses a simplified framing approach to create demountable wall systems, allowing for optimal flexibility in the workplace. With a variety of modular options, Nxtwall creates an open feel by allowing light in while maintaining quiet spaces for meetings, phone conferences, or simply concentration.

Interested in remodeling or building a private office space? Contact the Rieke Office Interiors team today.