By Julie Hartman, Senior Interior Designer at Vertical Interior Design


What is the latest trend in panel heights for the post-pandemic office?

This is a common question that we are getting asked by our clients. As teams move back to the office, they are rethinking the design of their environment. For those who have benching stations or went to an all-open concept, revisions that need to be made to make their employees comfortable.

In the early 2000’s, there was a trend to eliminate all division between people and have open concept workspaces. This was driving by the tech industries and companies like Google and Facebook. While this did allow for great collaboration, it can be distracting for many job functions.

We start with a discussion on how their employees work with each other and what type of privacy is needed. In the post-pandemic world, we now discuss the hybrid office and how that can affect the design of the office furniture. At Rieke Office Interiors & Vertical Interior Design, once we understand the needs of each client, we can provide suggestion on how the open office workstations should be designed. Since we are a manufacturer of office furniture, we are not limited to standard panels heights or material combinations. We can customize however we want!

A common workstation design that we suggest to our clients is to have a mix of panel heights, 52” high for privacy and 42” high for collaboration. We also suggest creating small conference rooms to allow for more privacy, which gives employees flexibility for how they work.

Panel Heights

Now that most employees have worked from home, natural light is very important to them. We can allow for that with the combination of panel heights and allow open office workstation to be placed by the windows.

Panel Heights

However, your employees work, we can create the most comfortable workspace for your team so they can feel productive, safe & happy while at the office.


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