Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Organizational culture is one of the top factors related to employee happiness. A company that works well together is more productive and successful. Today’s office environments support cooperation and collaboration, and team building activities reinforce this by creating a positive work culture.

It is natural for workers to slow their pace during the summer. Studies show that productivity drops about 20% during the summer months. One way to combat this is to bring your employees outside for some fun team building activities.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the 5 best outdoor corporate team building activities for your employees to get some fresh air, build communication skills, and connect with their team.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

This is number one for a reason! It is a timeless classic that requires very little setup, can involve any number of employees, and is easily adjusted for whatever time frame you have.

How to Play:

Break your employees up into equal groups.  If you have teams or individuals that don’t get along, putting them on the same scavenger hunt group may fix that.

Choose activities to complete, pictures to take, or items to collect and assign each a point value.

Set a time frame and allow for an additional 20 minutes or so at the end to tally up points and determine a winner.

Your employees will learn to collaborate, communicate, and problem solve while having fun!

  1. Water Balloon Toss

This requires a little setup by filling water balloons but is a very quick game to play on a hot summer day.

How to Play:

Split your employees into pairs and have them toss water balloons back and forth to each other on your command. After every successfully completed pass, they take a step back. The last dry team wins!

A great way to build comradery is by overcoming a physical challenge. This activity also builds trust amongst your team members.

  1. Minefield

This is a great team building activity to encourage collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills in an obstacle course.

How to Play:

Create “mines” by bringing common office items like boxes, chairs, water bottles, etc. outside into an empty space.

Divide the employees into pairs, and blindfold one partner. Using only verbal instructions, the other must guide that person from one end of the obstacle course to another without hitting any “mines.”

Depending on the time frame, the number of employees you have, and how difficult you want this activity to be, you can have multiple pairs trying to complete the course at the same time. This forces the pairs to work harder to listen and communicate effectively.

  1. Perfect Square

Puzzle and logic games tend to be the most engaging teambuilding exercises. This is an activity where team members work together to create a perfect square with a rope while completely blindfolded.

How to Play:

Divide your employees into teams of 4-6 people.  Then have them put blindfolds on and hold a rope.

Set a time for about 5 minutes and the teammates will work together to turn the rope into a perfect square.

When their time is up, everyone takes off their blindfolds to see the results. Most teams end up making terribly shaped ‘squares’, which leads to much hilarity and is extremely bonding.

This teambuilding activity may sound simple, but it isn’t. To create a perfect square, team members have to choose a leader, communicate clearly, and work together to craft straight, equally-sized edges.

  1. Buckets & Balls

In this outdoor teambuilding game, teams compete to transfer balls from one bucket to another without using their arms or hands.

How to Play:

Using chalk or cones, create “start” and “finish” lines about 10-12 feet apart. Place buckets for each team at both the start & finish lines. Keep the start line bucket empty and fill the bucket behind the finish line with tennis balls.

Divide employees into equally-sized teams. Each team must choose a “handler”. Handlers are the only players that can touch the tennis balls with their hands, and they must always stay behind the start line.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. The teams retrieve balls from the finish line bucket and get them to their team’s handler without using their hands or arms. The handler then drops the balls into the team’s empty bucket. If anyone but the handler touches the ball, he/she is immediately disqualified.

The team that has the most tennis balls in the start line bucket at the end of 5 minutes wins.

“No hands or arms” is a difficult rule that creates opportunities for funny mishaps. To be successful, employees will have to work together as a team and delegate responsibilities.


If you want to avoid low productivity in the office this summer, try using these outdoor corporate team building activities. Not only will you create a positive culture, but you will improve employee’s communication skills.


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