Making A Space Millennial

What is all the buzz around the term Millennial? Why do we find ourselves talking about this group and why are they so important to us?

The Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are a group between the ages of 25 – 40 and they are influencing our marketplace, our environment, and the workplace as well. Most Millennials are already in the workforce or are just entering it. This influx has forced companies to re-evaluate their presence and appearance to stay current with what attracts these individuals.

The Millennial generation tends to be confident, diverse and desires to contribute to the greater good.

From the time they were born, Millennials have been a focus in brand marketing. They are also conditioned to feel instant gratification due to their immediate access to technology and information found on the internet.

How do we design spaces that attract Millennials?

Though we can’t all provide a Google-type office for our employees, we can provide that atmosphere in smaller ways. Collaboration spaces, break-out zones, and spaces that encourage interaction with others throughout the day are key. Spaces can create a playful energy by providing space for a ping-pong or foosball table. Providing lounge areas where people can break-away, work in small groups, or simply get away from their desk, will support their need to move around and be part of the greater good of the company. This creates a more relaxed and interactive environment which in turn promotes creativity and collaboration.

Collaborative spaces and game areas, not your thing?

Millennials also tend to be more environmentally conscious and want to feel personally connected to the company they choose to work for. Create a space that brings nature inside and uses materials that are recycled or reused. This will appeal the to the “contribute to the greater good” side of Millennials and their concern for the environment.

Another way to appeal to this side of Millennials is to really focus on what your brand is and carry it through the space. As you are walking throughout the office, you should be able to feel what the company is about and who the people are that work there.  According to WorkDesign Magazine (January 4, 2017), there is a large demand for “authentic design solutions that signal an organization’s commitment to core values.”

In the end, discover who you are as a company and what you want it to represent, if that is clear and expressed throughout your space you will attract all the right talent—and, Millennials.


Written by:  Jamie Leonard, Senior Interior Designer, Vertical Interior Design


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