Is Your Company Ready to Move?

If your company is relocating, it is critical to notify customers, vendors, and partners. Writing a business relocation letter is good business practice, and an important part of a successful commercial move. The letter serves as an official notice to anyone that interacts with your company while reinforcing business contacts. Planning, writing, and delivering a business relocation letter is essential for retaining your customer base and will help the office move go as smoothly as possible.

Plan Ahead

It is important to allow adequate, yet timely delivery of a business relocation letter to customers. The letter should be sent at least three weeks before you physically move to your location so your vendors, customers, and business partners can make the necessary arrangements and adjustments. If the letter is sent too far in advance, customers may forget about it and go to the previous location.

Tip: It is good practice to mail the business relocation letter, then follow-up with an email notification a few days later.

Compile Your List

A business relocation letter should be sent to any person or organization that your company does business with. Your planning should include creating this list of your business contacts. This list must be comprehensive and include vendors, customers, business partners, banking institutions, distribution services, credit card companies, utility companies, local agencies, advertisers, etc.  It is recommended to send the business relocation letter to all customers, even if they haven’t done business with you for a long time.

Tip: You may want to create several business relocation letters to send to each target audience. For example, the letter for customers may not be the same as the letter for your partners.

 Writing the Letter

Keep the business relocation letter concise, yet personal. Start the letter by telling them why you are moving your office. Whatever the reason for the business relocation, make sure it is presented in a positive light. This is an opportunity to deliver a branded message about how the change in location will make their experience with your company better.

Additionally, the letter must include:
• Company’s current address and new address
• The date the business will be operating at the new location
• Any downtime, closures, or changes in service due to move
All contact information, even if it is not changing

Your conclusion paragraph should clearly state that your company appreciates the customers and vendors and intends to continue doing business with them at the new location. You can also provide a specific contact person to be called or emailed if they have any questions.


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