Keeping employees engaged results in higher productivity, commitment, and happiness. However, finding innovative ways to boost employee engagement is challenging. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, only 34% of U.S. employees are actively engaged at work. When businesses increase their employee satisfaction, it ultimately leads to more profit.

So, how can you keep your business’s employees happy and motivated? Here are 3 tips to boost employee engagement:


One of the most important commodities you can offer your employees is to communicate effectively and often. Create a company culture of transparency and communication for both managers and employees. Seek honest feedback from employees; provide them opportunities to discuss issues and use this information to foster a more employee-friendly workplace. Encourage the sharing of information, ideas, and thoughts to increase workforce creativity and motivation.


Employee recognition and employee engagement truly go hand in hand. Recognizing the efforts and hard work of employees is essential for employee motivation. Whether it is publicly, face-to-face, or through an incentive program, every type of business can benefit from an employee recognition program.

The International Society of Performance Improvement states that companies that used an incentive program had performance improve by 15% when rewards were offered, and if employees were rewarded again to continue performing well, the improvement reached 27%. Employee recognition not only will improve performance, but it is a powerful morale booster as well.


Employees that are given opportunities to work collaboratively with creative freedoms are more engaged in the process because they have a vested interest in seeing projects succeed. Figure a way to get everyone engaged in some planning, ownership, and decision-making as a team.  This will empower and motivate your staff, they will work more fluidly, and it can lead to new ideas and more efficient ways of working. A simple solution is to design a collaborative area in your workplace for employees to brainstorm and work cross-functionally to achieve a shared goal.

Employee engagement is largely dependent on company culture. Have a clear goal of creating a culture that promotes employee morale.  Encourage leaders to be supportive and ensure they communicate with their employees, recognize hard-work and collaborate with them on projects. With a shared vision for the future of their business, the entire team will experience higher motivation and engagement.