An exciting corporate culture shift.

In recent years, companies have discovered a truth that past generations would have found counterintuitive: The moments of downtime in the workday are when some of the best company growth happens.

It might be relationships that are strengthened over lunch. It might be a huge idea that’s generated during a break. Whatever the case may be, the stereotypical “break room” is going the way of the passenger pigeon.

Building a better break.

We’re all human. We need breaks if we’re going to enjoy optimal productivity. Employees in every industry need a change of scenery to gather their thoughts during a busy workday.

At Rieke Office Interiors, we develop inspiring workspaces. Our clients have found that it’s more important—and beneficial—to build a new kind of break room to allow their people to unwind, relax or bounce ideas off each other. Want a dry erase board? An idea board? A dartboard? Snack space, a bar, TV, a killer sound system? We can build the idea bouncing around in your head.

The new break room goes beyond lunch. With just this one room, you can help define your company culture with customization that’s uniquely you.

“Our dry-erase table from Rieke was exactly what we were missing in our collaboration space,” said Doug Carter, Creative Director at Ivor Andrew (Wheaton, IL). “It allows our team to get out of their seats, move around, doodle — be it for project brainstorming or just for fun. It’s become quite the thought starter and conversation piece.”

One room might be all you need.

The cool thing about creating your new break room is that it won’t break the bank. The renovation is contained to one space.

And when it’s done, it has an instant effect on employees. Giving them this space that’s all theirs makes them happy, and a happy worker means lower turnover and better productivity for you.

Let’s start building.

At Rieke Office Interiors, we work with you and the dimensions of your space to give you a break room you that your employees will put to good use.

Ready to remodel? Sweet! Just fill out the form below to get the conversation started.


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