According to the Forbes Human Resources Council, “excellent company culture increases employee retention and motivates workers in a way nothing else can.” Creating a solid and positive company culture goes beyond the typical perks like annual bonuses and casual Friday. It’s about creating a work environment where employees feel connected, positive, and engaged with the company and each other.

Although that may seem difficult, the good news is you can create this environment for your team. The physical office design plays a large part in an employee’s level of engagement with work. So, an easy way to start developing a positive company culture is by giving your employees a new “break out” space.

Your employees spend their majority of time at work, so to reflect a positive company culture the space should make them happy. It’s a good idea to give staff a break out space to relax, have fun, and enjoy a few moments of down time. Whether you call it a breakroom, lunchroom, or lounge, what matters most is that it’s an area where your team can truly enjoy a break. When companies provide break out spaces, employees are more motivated, less stressed, and more satisfied with their jobs.

Creating a common lounge area within the office will also foster collaboration and bring the team together. At Google (#4 on Fortune’s list), their company culture truly revolves around this mentality and their break out spaces are full of foosball, pool tables, and video games. While your budget may not be up to par with Google’s, there are plenty of less expensive options that will still make your workspace enticing.

  • Comfortable Lounge Furniture
  • Plenty of Natural Light
    • Exposure to daylight boosts employee productivity
  • Tables for Gathering
    • Provide places to eat snacks and play board games
  • Greenery
    • Bring nature indoors to improve employees’ mental and physical health
  • Technology
    • Give employees places to charge their personal devices, watch TV, and use technology

If your employees’ engagement levels are low and turnover is high, your company culture isn’t as strong as it could be. Office break out spaces play a key role in bringing a little fun into the workplace to help build a positive culture.


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