3 Benefits of Adaptive Seating

Given the sedentary nature of many modern jobs, the assumption would be that the office chair would evolve to better support us. Sadly, this has not been the case – and businesses are demanding a change and are willing to invest to make a better workspace for their employees.

The ADAPTIVE SEATING movement has begun, and its mission is to build a better seat that encourages proper ergonomics and supports company-sponsored health and wellness initiatives. The seating options now available in a modern workspace include leaning stools and yoga balls, as well as more traditional seating with advanced ergonomics.

When contemplating a change in office chairs, consider these several key advantages to choosing an adaptive seating option over more traditional counterparts:


Over the past several years, studies and reports have revealed startling statistics related to workplace seating.

Two hours of sitting drops good cholesterol levels by about 20 percent!

These studies are showing that people who sit at work for more than six hours per day are at a much greater risk of dying at an early age from heart disease and other related illnesses. Alternative seating options like leaning stools allow your feet to keep moving, increasing blood flow throughout the body.


The increased blood flow facilitated by active, adaptive seating doesn’t just have physical benefits. Higher activity throughout the day facilitates better brain function, allowing you to focus and really dig into the task at hand. Even sitting on a yoga ball or ball seat for a portion of the day can make a huge difference in productivity. Brief sessions of moderate activity can increase energy levels as much as 150%!


Sitting is necessary – we know that.  However, traditional seating can be improved with adaptive seating innovation and flexible design. With the adaptive seating movement, it has become commonplace for seating manufacturers to offer variations of their products custom tailored for a variety of reasons. Chairs are offered in a wide-array of sizes and shapes, accounting for varied body types, and may also include modular features that can be added or removed based on the type of work being done.

Adaptive seating will continue to grow as an essential piece of office design because the correct workspace seating creates a healthy and productive workplace.

Take a seat in one of the many adaptive or traditional options we have available to sample on-site in our new and improved design showroom. Contact us below to learn more or schedule a visit!


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