Azavar Technologies:  Before & After Story

Chicago based Azavar Technologies specializes in creating state-of-the-art digital user experiences, as well as web and app development, and creative design. It’s no surprise that when Azavar Technologies needed more space for their growing company, they chose a partnership with the like-minded team at Vertical Interior Design to design and execute their office expansion.  Not only did Vertical Interior Design provide for this great company in the past, they also chose to utilize ROI once again for some exceptional custom crafted products in their space.

When two companies with a flair for the inventive come together, a beautiful and functional space results.  We spoke with the designers at Vertical Interior Design, as well as ROI and asked them to give a little insight into the project and allow us a peek into their photo album.

Q:  What were the challenges of this project that you needed to overcome?

A:  The project was an expansion to the client’s office design provided three years ago.  Our previous project focused on benching workstations and fitting a lot of people in a fairly small area.  The expansion was a direct response to that tight workspace.

The goals of the expansion were to provide various collaborative spaces, individual breakaway areas, administrative workstations, and private offices.  The expansion was designed to provide opportunities to work away from the desks to collaborate with teams or to use a quiet area for “head’s down”, individual focus work. The breakaway areas allow the staff to change their body positions with an assortment of soft seating. We also provided more “typical” meeting spaces, which incorporate meeting tables. Design elements were utilized to break up the space visually to provide a sense of privacy and intimacy. Elements of nature can also be found within the design, which was critical to the client since they are in the heart of Chicago with limited access to the outdoors.

Q:  What ROI products were incorporated into the project?

A:  Custom crafted ROI Storage Planters are used throughout the space. These multi-functional units allow the business to gain storage space while incorporating space division and nature.

ROI Administrative Workstations were also implemented in the design.  These custom workstations provide multi-level surfaces, a high volume of storage within a small footprint, and a contemporary aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for an entire renovation, a simple office upgrade, or a chance to maximize the space your given – using the combined services of Vertical Interior Design and ROI will create a before and after story everyone will want to see.

Take a peek at our photo album!


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