Asking your boss for a sit-stand desk shouldn’t be difficult. The health benefits of using an adjustable height desk makes it a must-have for the perfect workspace. “Sitting is the new smoking” is not just a passing fad, and offices around the world are using sit-stand desks after recognizing the benefits that accompany them.  An ergonomically designed workstation will help employee wellness, productivity, and decrease absenteeism.

So how can you convince your boss to get you a sit-stand desk? Here are some ideas that will help you build your case:

Employee Health and Wellness

A healthy employee is something that all employers want. A healthy employee shows up to work more often, gets more work done, and isn’t distracted by aches and pains. There are more employees experiencing back and hips problems than ever before. Research shows that prolonged sitting is the culprit. Employees that spend most of their time sitting while working can, over the years, experience negative health effects.

Let your boss know that sit-stand desks will help keep you and your coworkers healthy by improving circulation, increasing alertness, reducing back pain, and increasing energy levels.

Increase Productivity

Sitting all day affects employee’s motivation and productivity, especially in the afternoon hours. Many employees that sit for most of their day suffer from fatigue. Standing naturally creates more of a sense of urgency, which leads to a higher productivity rate. Standing throughout the workday also increases blood flow, which in turn makes you energized.

A recent study found that sit-stand desks can boost productivity by as much as 45%.

Tell your boss to imagine the revenue boost if employees were 45% more productive! That alone makes purchasing height adjustable desks a good return on investment.


Reduce Absenteeism

Every employee plays a specific role in growing the company, and if they are absent and unable to perform their duties, company revenue will suffer. According to the Office for National Statistics, the average American takes 5 days off work per year due to illness and injury. Absenteeism costs companies revenue losses every year.

The second most common reason for not coming to work was back and neck pain. A sit-stand desk can help with these pains by improving employee’s posture and circulation. Sitting all day also increases employee’s health risk for chronic diseases, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

By using an adjustable height desk, your boss will reduce the chance of employees getting ill and taking sick days.


These 3 main talking points should convince your boss to investigate using adjustable height desks. By suggesting the use of sit-to-stand desks in your office, you are showing your genuine concern for your company’s welfare. To reduce the chance of interruption when approaching your boss, consider making an appointment, preferably in person. Open the conversation by stating that you are interested in making the workplace a little more health conscious. Be respectful and listen for questions and potential objections.  If you need sit-stand desk options and pricing, you can always call us at (847) 622-9711.


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