It is an exciting time for the workplace.

No longer are we seeing over-the-top designs with unnecessary bells and whistles. Workplace design is taking on a new focus, aimed towards individual’s values and experiences. Design is gearing up to improve emotional and physical well-being. By giving the workforce spaces that can refresh their minds and allow them to foster creativity, which is needed for any business to succeed.

Not Your Everyday Work Area


This approach to space has the millennial generation in mind, by using open spaces with unconventional furnishings and accessories. These spaces lend well to free collaboration, with a more residential feel. You will find sofas, bean bag chairs, areas for exercise and lots of bright colors. By providing these open collaborative spaces, corporations are hoping to attract and retain young talent.

Biophilic Design


2017 was, by far, the strongest year we have seen the movement to incorporate natural elements into the
workplace. With people living and working indoors 90% of the time, this trend is making significant headway and is considered to be a best practice for architects, building engineers and designers. Humans have an innate need to feel connected to nature and find that biophilic design is most prevalent in locations that do not have easy access to the outdoors; like large metropolitan areas. Natural elements have been proven to be beneficial on many levels. Plants and other organic materials tend to make people feel calm, happier and healthier.

This trend has transcended beyond the simple random plants in the office. Biophilic design uses nature as a basis to weave patterns and forms into the architecture, becoming a fundamental element to many designs we see today. Rooftop gardens, water features, nature-based wall dividers constructed out of wood incorporating plant life, access to natural light, are all elements taking shape in today’s office design.


Resimercial Design

This term is becoming more commonly understood as the marriage of commercial durability with a residential feel. As the workforce looks to its place of business to provide more opportunities to grow and connect with their teams, we look more and more to the comforts of home. Comfortable, relaxed spaces are a welcome addition to staff who like to break away from their desk for quiet independent work or to collaborate with small groups of people. These spaces include sofas, low coffee tables, natural finishes & bright colors. They provide opportunities to lean back, put your feet up and get those creative juices flowing.


Mixed Materials & Texture

As technology in manufacturing develops, our senses are enticed by multilevel uses of materials and textures. Strongly influenced by the biophilic movement, spaces are integrating mixed materials that have historically not been used together in the past. Woods combined with plastics, metals, stones and concrete are the new norm in furniture and building materials. A mix of raw and luxurious materials take the nondescript space and turn it on its side. This is a great way to emphasize workspace zones and use of space. It is a great time to experiment and be bold!


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