It’s the first and last place that people see when coming to and going from your office. Because of this, your reception area should make a statement that customers will remember.

If your current space isn’t creating the first impression that you want, Rieke Office Interiors has the solution. From design through installation, we provide everything you need—from the front desk to the floor tiles—to make your space professional, interesting and inviting.

Office entrances aren’t always a perfect square, and neither are our reception desks. At Rieke, we can custom build your furniture down to the inch to conform to any unique space, delivering a clean, built-in look.

Beyond the desk, we offer our Liquid Panels and other accent pieces to turn your entryway into a work of art. These Panels bring the space to life with a sleek, polished look.

If you’re interested in revamping your reception area, contact us today.



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