Why Ergonomics Matters In Your Office

Aesthetically pleasing commercial interior furniture is something Rieke Office Interiors (ROI) is known for.  We take significant measures to ensure every piece of custom office furniture designed and manufactured meets the needs of both the employees and the office environment.


Geometry: Creating Inspired Commercial Design

Commercial Interior Design – it’s NOT the same as Interior Design. Although the 2 industries use many of the same principles…Commercial Interior Design requires a perspective that includes not only aesthetics, but a keen attention to function, as well.

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Two ROI Senior Designers get “Prairie” Inspired

2 senior designers at Rieke Office Interiors – Carey Roy and Julie Hartman – have taken the lead on continuing their design education and bringing their inspiration to the next level. The pair has scheduled regular outings to architectural wonders – some near, while others far – to not only experience what great design has provided for us to live or work in, but educate on where modern design can coexist with ideas of the past.

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Embracing the Outdoors, Inside

A walk in the woods, a stroll along a beach, or paddling a canoe across a tranquil lake can do wonders for a person’s heart rate allowing for a break from life’s frantic pace.

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Feng Shui at the Office

Always keep energy flowing. When building the entrance at Hong Kong Disneyland, executives decided to shift the angle of the front gate by 12 degrees. What a weird number. Why 12 degrees?

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