Top 5 Take-Aways from NeoCon

Every June, Commercial Interior Design professionals from around the globe convene on North America’s most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors – NeoCon.  We sat down with Colleen Baader, Creative Director for Rieke Office Interiors to discuss her top 5 take-aways from NeoCon 2017.


Great Architecture is Everywhere

Great Architecture is Everywhere “Make big plans; aim high in hope and work, remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will not die”. – Daniel Burnham Chicago’s Reliance Building by Daniel Burnham If you know anything about the history of Chicago – you...

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Stand for Your Right to be Healthy

Has your office conversation lately included the expression, “Sitting is the new smoking”? Although a dramatic statement, the fact of the matter is that sitting for prolonged periods of time is truly unhealthy for everyone.

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Geometry: Creating Inspired Commercial Design

Commercial Interior Design – it’s NOT the same as Interior Design. Although the 2 industries use many of the same principles…Commercial Interior Design requires a perspective that includes not only aesthetics, but a keen attention to function, as well.

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Two ROI Senior Designers get “Prairie” Inspired

2 senior designers at Rieke Office Interiors – Carey Roy and Julie Hartman – have taken the lead on continuing their design education and bringing their inspiration to the next level. The pair has scheduled regular outings to architectural wonders – some near, while others far – to not only experience what great design has provided for us to live or work in, but educate on where modern design can coexist with ideas of the past.

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Embracing the Outdoors, Inside

A walk in the woods, a stroll along a beach, or paddling a canoe across a tranquil lake can do wonders for a person’s heart rate allowing for a break from life’s frantic pace.

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