3 Benefits of Adaptive Seating

The ADAPTIVE SEATING movement has begun, and its mission is to build a better seat that encourages proper ergonomics and supports company-sponsored health and wellness initiatives. The seating options now available in a modern workspace include leaning stools and yoga balls, as well as more traditional seating with advanced ergonomics.


2018 Office Design Trends: AN EYE ON COMMERCIAL DESIGN

  It is an exciting time for the workplace. No longer are we seeing over-the-top designs with unnecessary bells and whistles. Workplace design is taking on a new focus, aimed towards individual’s values and experiences. Design is gearing up to improve emotional and...

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Yin Yang is a shared storage unit that sits upon other workstation components. Every square inch counts when it comes to maximizing your office’s space; the Yin Yang does just that by providing storage for two workstations at a time.

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Making A Space Millennial

Most Millennials are in the workforce already or have just entered it. This is forcing companies to re-evaluate their presence and appearance in order to attract these individuals.

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Piggy Back merges office furniture design with the age of information and technology. Not only are your visitors welcomed by a friendly face, but Piggy Back provides…

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Why Ergonomics Matters In Your Office

Aesthetically pleasing commercial interior furniture is something Rieke Office Interiors (ROI) is known for. Something less known about how ROI CUSTOM designs office furniture is that we always account for PROPER ERGONOMICS.

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Azavar Technologies: Before & After Story

It’s no surprise that when Azavar Technologies needed more space for their growing company, they chose a partnership with the like-minded team at Vertical Interior Design to design and execute their office expansion.

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Lessons from Mies van der Rohe

Mies’ mastery of form, function, and beauty are supremely identifiable in his Farnsworth House built in Plano, IL in 1951. We took members of our ROI design staff to visit the property and reconnect with his architectural style…

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ROI Celebrates 25 Years of Business

This year, we celebrate a silver anniversary for our business – 25 years!

As we look to where we have been, the path we have traveled, and where the future may lead – we know our company will continue to evolve in a positive way. Starting 25 years ago…

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